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Elvila Digital

Elvila Digital is the newest division of one of the most important retailers in Romania, Elvila SA. With a 32-year history, the company is listed in the Bucharest Stock Market and is one of the oldest and respectable on the Romanian market.

The Carpathian Bison NFT Project represents a new step forward for Elvila and shows the confidence we have in the future of the Metavers and the web 3.0. solutions.

The Carpathian Bison NFT collection is just the first stage in a larger project that will benefit from the Metavers options and the way the two worlds, real and digital, will intertwine.

Team of professionals in both digital and crypto

Our Team

Viorel Cataramă


Cosmin Mihai Lefter

Chief Commercial Officer

Radu Cîrstea

Chief Tehnical Officer

Ștefan Cataramă

Chief Creative Officer

VD Law Group

Crypto Legal Advisor

NFT Collection

The Carpathian Bison will be a collection of NFTs based on the Elrond blockchain, also a Romanian backed company.

Team of professionals

Behind the Elvila Digital project is a team of professionals in both digital and crypto and business.

Substantial investment

Is the most important project of this type launched in Romania to date and the total investment in it is close to 2.000.000 dollars.

Community retention

We organize GIVEAWAYS in which we offer EGLD.
NFT project in Romania

Carpathian Bison NFT

The Carpathian Bison NFT concept, inspired by Romanian tradition and using traditional symbols comes as a manifest underlining the fact that evolution can realize by creating these circular partnerships, between companies with Romanian capital that generate benefits and wellbeing to Romanians.

It will have a distribution of 10.000 NFTs divided into rwo categories, Silver Carpathian Bison for all NFTs from 1 to 7000 and Gold Carpathian Bison for the ones between 7001 and 10.000.

Although the moment you will buy a Carpathian Bison NFT you won’t know until you receive it if it’s a Silver or Gold. This way everybody has and equal chance of getting the benefits it offers.

All 10.000 will be visually unique and the way our digital designers have managed to combine traditional Romanian motifs with a modern artwork will generate a lot of pleasant surprises.

How to buy Carpathian BISON NFT

Access to a large array of benefits

Beyond the artistic value and the manifest behind it Carpathian Bison NFT will give all its owners discounts for all Elvila products.

Thus, for Silver Carpathian Bison NFT, owners will benefit from a 10% discount on purchases on www.elvila.ro and in the Elvila store network.

Gold Carpathian Bison NFT owners will get a 15% discount on shopping at www.elvila.ro and in the Elvila store network.

Along with those discounts, that basically for the common shopper will cover more than the launch price of the NFT, all the buyers will have access to an interior design app, easy-to-use that will be developed in Q1 2023 and access to and app that will use Augmented Reality that will be launched in Q2 2023. At the same time when the Facebook Metaverse launches, all owners of Carpathian Bison NFT will get a complete design for their office/meeting room, which can be integrated in the app.

beneficii charpatian bison nft
giweaway charpatian bison nft
Loyalty rewards for active members

A community that will furnish the Metaverse with style

Because we want, before anything, a community that will furnish the Metaverse with style, we will also be giving out prizes for active members.

The retention of the community won’t stop here. Because we are aware that beyond the artistic value and the benefits they bring, the Carpathian Bison NFTs will be sold on the secondary market for profit, we will periodically be organizing, based on the volume of sales, raffles that will offer 500 EGLD prizes, selecting the winner from the Carpathian Bison NFT owners at that time.

Objectives and strategies


Soon the launch of the first Collection of Carpathian Bison NFT in a limited series of 10.000
Q2 2022
The acquisition of Metaverse space and presenting it to the owners
Q4 2022
The launch of the online easy-to-use interior design app that will be based on the blockchain type technology and will be used in the Metaverse
Q2 2023
The launch of the Augmented Reality that will bridge the real world and the Metaverse
Q3 2023
Airdrops/new collection/new benefits pack
Q4 2023
The launch of the virtual Elvila store
Q4 2023
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Details about the Carpathian Bison project


The most serious NFT project in Romania, with strictly Romanian capital and also the first step that the retail business in Romania, at the highest level, will take in the Metaverse.

They can be bought directly in site and minted straight to wallet. They can be bought on TrustMarket platform which uses the Elrond blockchain.

A Carpathian Bison will sell initially for 2 EGLD but probably the value on the aftermarket will increase proportionally.

Yes, Carpathian Bison NFT can be traded  on trust.market, deadrare.io and in the future on the official Elrond marketplace.

We will release the first collection of 10.000 NFTs, unique design, divided in two categories, 1-7000 Silver Carpathian Bison and 7001-10.000 Gold Carpathian Bison.

You won’t be able to choose what Carpathian Bison you will receive. This way everyone has an equal chance at the same price.

We won’t release Carpathian Bison editions but we will release other NFT collections with a completely different design and new benefits and utilities. Depending on the success of the first edition.

The main guarantee behind it is the blockchain of Elrond that has been proven as secure. When it comes to benefits, tracking and implementing the Roadmap the guarantee is given by the Elvila Brand a company listed at the Bucharest Stock Market with a fiscal value of 10 million dollars a year.

At resale the royalties percentage will be 10% and on the evolution of income there will be a counter installed that will be permanently updated with the royalty. At 24 hours from the moment that number reaches 1000 EGLD will have a giveaway by raffle for 500 EGLD. This giveaway will be repeated as many times as the 1000 EGLD number is achieved.

There is no buying limit, especially that there already is an increased interest from investing funds and we can’t limit their access to this product as it wouldn’t be fair.

The discount percentage is not cumulative if you have multiple NFTs, but the maximum purchase value is cumulative for all NFTs you have.

To find out the exact date, please follow our Discord, Twitter și Telegram channels.

There will be no presale or VIPs or any other way to originally purchase Carpathian Bison NFT from the official website and www.trust.market on the day of the official launch. So subscribe to Twitter and Discord to stay up to date and not miss this opportunity.